Images copyright Dan Haskell 2004

Burning Pumpkins 2004

How do you make a jack-o-lantern fly?

pumpkin engulfed in fire
4 alarm blaze
charred pumpkin interior
charred flesh
pumpkin drooling fire
Fiery drool
engulfed pumpkin
Wind blown fire
devilish jack-o-lantern
el Diablo
another engulfed pumpkin
Fully engulfed
exploding head
fire closeup
flying pumpkin 1a
flying pumpkin 1b
Flying pumpkin #1
flying pumpkin 1c
The Pumpkin King
flying pumpkin 2a
Flying pumpkin #2
flying pumpkin remains
Remains of the day
flying pumpkin 3a
flying pumpkin 4a
flying pumpkin4 remains
Oh, man...
flying pumpkin 5a
flying pumpkin 5b
Another puker
flying pumpkin ears
A flying gremlin
leering pumpkin 1a
Leering pumpkin
leering pumpkin
Horizontal flight
scorched skull remains
Scorched skull
traditional jack-o-lantern 1b
Breathing fire
traditional jack-o-lantern 1
Nice burn
view through to back
View through to back
volcano head 1a
Volcano head #1
volcano head 2a
Volcano head #2
vomiting fire 1a
Look out below!
vomiting fire 1b
Blast off
vomiting fire 4a
Spitting fire